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The Unauthorized Armed Forces Card Game - How to Play

The basic strategy is this:

If you plan to take a given trick with a second card, then use your first card to load points onto the trick.

If you don't think you will take the trick, then dilute the points in the trick.

How do you dilute the trick?

  • Play a second service on the trick.  Try to pair high scoring services with low scoring ones.
  • Try to balance the number of dots between the two services played.
  • Don't load the trick with too many double-dot cards.
  • Play a weather card.
  • Refrain from playing a second card.

Tactical Considerations

When you play an intel card, you're giving information to the other players.  Therefore, if you play it early, make sure it's worth it.

When the initial high card is less than 8, the trick is vulnerable to weather on the second card.

Don't play a second card unless you are pretty sure you can take the trick.  Otherwise, you're just dumping points (or information) onto someone else's trick.  And by playing the extra card, that's one less trick you will be able to play on later.

On the other hand, an occasional bluff brings benefits (and satisfying groans from the other players).

Keep track of who still has intel cards.

Keep track of which weather cards have been played.

Playing a bad hand (when Lady Luck frowns)

Play your highest cards on low scoring tricks.  It might not be worth it for anyone to contest them with a second card, and you will scrape up a few points.

Play a weather card as the high card on a trick.  Same reason.

Refrain from playing any second cards, holding on to a high scoring card which you might keep at the end of the hand.

Dilute the tricks, so that no player takes a boatload more points than any other.  This makes it easier for you to catch up when lady luck smiles again.

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