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Decatur, The Game.

Available at:
Petrie's Family Games in Colorado Springs.
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Prologue: You are the head of a vast enterprise, chartered by the Crown to engage in commercial activities in the eastern hemisphere.  As such, you will maneuver your company representatives (factors) into prosperous regions.  You will leverage your influence with the established commonwealths.  You will weigh the need for a merchant navy.  But above all you must navigate changing economic conditions...

Sounds great, but how does it play?

It's Civilization meets Poker.

Say what?

It's like Civilization in that it's not a game of global domination or player elimination.  (You can actually go to the bathroom without fear of returning to find an alliance formed against you.)  Rather, you're establishing a presence on the board and trying to prosper.

It's like Poker in that the central challenge is figuring out what cards the other players are holding, and investing based on that information.

Is it complicated?

Complexity is low.  And it's designed so that you actually play the other players, rather than the game mechanics.

Does it take long to play?

The game is turn limited, so it doesn't go on forever.  If everyone has played at least once before, figure about 25 minutes per player.  You can also play a shorter version if you want.

Is there a lot of down time?

Play is fast paced and free wheeling.  On a turn, a player performs one quick action, such as draw a card or move some pieces.  Game decisions tend to be more short term than strategic, so complex multi-turn planning is neither required nor rewarded.

How does the game hold up over successive plays?

Because of the cards, the game plays differently every time.

How many players?

Three to seven.  Though there are rules for two players on the FAQ page.

Anything else?

Significant game milestones have some randomness in their timing, which creates suspense.


Mildly civilizational.  Pokeresque.  Suspenseful.  Fast playing.  And fun.

(*Pronounced dee-kay-ter.  Anyone pronouncing it dek-a-toor loses a victory point.)

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